Reachora for Advertisers

Imagine being able to target physicians based on their interests and viewing habits, knowing how your budget was being spent, and being certain that you were getting value for money.

Imagine no more. Reachora makes that possible.

A Brief Introduction

Reachora allows advertisers to reach targeted medical professionals across a range of respected medical educational website. By using a mixture of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies, we create personalised profiles of every physician across our network of educational websites. Our simple user interface then allows you to target groups of these physicians based on their interests, experience and geographies. Your personalised dashboard then allows you to understand which of those groups of professionals interact with each advert, giving you a real, data-driven measurable understanding of the effectiveness and reach of every advert.

Target the right physicians with the right content

Deep Targeting

We help you to get your message to the right physicians with the right content. Relevant advertising is better for you and better for the physicians watching it. Target on interest, experience, geography, and more, to make sure your adverts only appear to people that will benefit from watching them.

Become Data Driven

Measure your Effectiveness

Too many companies spend significant money without understanding whether their adverts are working. At Reachora we care about making sure you thoroughly understand the reach of your adverts and whether they are working efficently for you. We will help you work out which adverts work the best and how you can improve your portfolio. No more guesswork - be data driven.

One agreement - lots of sites

Increase your Reach

Don't waste time negotiating deals with individual content providers. With one contract with Reachora, you can reach thousands of physicians across our network of respected, professional, medical education sites. Using our simple, slick interface, you can improve your reach and target the right doctors with the right content.

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