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Imagine understanding every physician that visits your site, knowing what topics they care about, which speakers they prefer, and being able to generate revenue from them. Instantly.

Reachora makes that possible.

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A Brief Introduction

Reachora is a platform for medical publishers. By tracking behaviour across our network of partner sites and real-life interactions, our deep learning, artificial intelligence algorithms develop complex profile of physician behaviour. From theses profiles, our predictive algorithms determine the educational priorities and potential learning journeys for each individual physician. This information is then be fed back to our network of websites who are able to dynamically tailor recommended content specifically to each user. By monitoring how those physicians react to our recommendations we are able to refine our profiles further, completing the loop.

Reachora helps ensure that users have the most engaging educational experience, and in doing-so create real value and loyalty to media providers and sponsors.

Become Data Driven

Analytics and Insights

Reachora allows you develop a deep understanding of how physicians use your content. Our insights will help to provide the most engaging educational experience in order to drive real value and loyalty. Use our tools to better understand your which speakers topics and topics your physicians love and which need improving.

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Boost your revenue while maintaining control

Monetize your content

Reachora’s Advertising Network enables you to monetize your content by injecting short pre-roll and post-roll adverts by trusted advertisers. You maintain control at all times, choosing which videos you allow videos, and adding a wide variety of restrictions to guarantee compliance and brand protection.

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Sleep at night knowing it just works.

Trustworthy Video Hosting

Reachora’s best-in-class video hosting platform means you can rest at night knowing your videos will stay fast and razor-sharp. Built using the latest technologies and standards, Reachora guarantees you a 99.99% uptime on your video hosting, and promises that your videos will look great wherever they’re viewed.

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Target the right physicians with the right content

Targeted Recommendations

Our Targeted Recommendations API allows you to generate personalised recommendations for every physician who views your site, in real time. Keep physicians on your site for longer by pushing them towards content they care about, and bring them back to your site by adding personalised recommendations to your emails. Simple to set up but incredibly powerful, Reachora’s Targeted Recommendations will change the way that physicians interact with your content forever.

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