Reachora for Publishers

Imagine understanding every physician that visits your site, knowing what topics they care about, which speakers they prefer, and being able to generate revenue from them. Instantly.

Reachora makes that possible.

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Analytics and Insights

Specifically designed for medical education content

Develop brand loyalty

Develop your content for the actual physicians that use your site and increase retention and loyalty.

Produce the best content

Refine and streamline your educational content development process by understand how well each topic and speaker is received.

Trust data not guesswork

Never wonder if something is a good idea - use our analytics and insights to make truly objective decisions.

Understand your users

In depth user profiles

Reachora uses Deep Learning and Big Data technologies to build detailed individual profiles of every physician that uses your website. We will analyse what that person is interested in and what medical content is most appropriate for them.

Organisae by topic

Topic level insights

By aggregating the profiles of all users on your site, we develop topic-based insights that inform you how each topic is received and interacted with by your visitors. Detect the rising trend, or last-year’s hot news that no-one reads any more.

Speaker analytics

Learn about your speakers

How good are your speakers really? Our analytics platform will build profiles of each speaker, analysing how people interact with their content, determine Speaker Ratings and allowing you to compare speakers to one-another. Find the next hot KOL before your competitors.

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