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Imagine understanding every physician that visits your site, knowing what topics they care about, which speakers they prefer, and being able to generate revenue from them. Instantly.

Reachora makes that possible.

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Video Hosting

Your content deserves nothing but the best

Sleep better at night

We make sure your videos work perfectly 24/7, so you can sleep at night knowing your visitors are having a great experience.

Understand your video consumption

We'll help you understand how your videos are being used, which bits people love, and where people drop out.

Generate revenue on demand

With one-click you can turn our medical advertising on and start making some serious revenue. You always have total control.

Sleep better at night

Fast, reliable video on any device

Our engineers ensure that your videos get the hosting they deserve. Regardless of someone's device or internet connection, we ensure that your videos are fast and reliable.

World class CDN. Adaptive bitrate. HTML5. HLS. We can play video-tech-bingo with the best of them!

69 edge locations across 5 continents

Global delivery

We use a world-class global content delivery network, so no matter where your visitors are located, we will deliver your content from a server near them, guaranteeing the optimal experience. With 69 edge locations across 5 continents you can trust that someone in the US will have the same great experience as someone in Europe or Japan.

Your team will enjoy using us

Slick, Simple Interface

Easily browse and control your videos from one simple dashboard. Our team have worked hard to build a control panel that is enjoyable to use and entirely painless. Clarity and simplicity is at the hard of our design decisions - we abstract the complex stuff away so you can get on with getting great quality to market ASAP.

Painless import

Import videos via from DropBox, GDrive or FTP

Just run a big conference? Got lots of videos to import? No problem. Pop them in a Dropbox, Google Drive folder or FTP site and use our API to import them all in batch. Our friendly migration team will help you through the process and ensure a quick and painless import.

Built specically for medical education websites

Insightful Educational Analytics

Built into the Reachora Analytics Platform, get enhanced video insights that will help you understand the strengths and weakesses of your videos, speakers, topics, and more.

Learn more about Reachora Insights

Revenue without losing control

Monetize your content

Our advertising network allows you to tap into the top medical companies and generate significant revenue by adding short (5-15s) preroll videos to your content. Turn it on or off on a per-video basis.

Learn more about the Reachora Advertising Network
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Speak to us

Talk to one of our friendly team about how Reachora can help your business achieve its goals. Drop us an email at or click the button to the right.

You can also reach us through +44(0)20 3289 5082.