Reachora for Publishers

Imagine understanding every physician that visits your site, knowing what topics they care about, which speakers they prefer, and being able to generate revenue from them. Instantly.

Reachora makes that possible.

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Monetize Your Content

Powerful advertising with 100% control

Make your content work for you

Great content deserves to reap rewards for those that produce it. Get paid up to $3 per view for an unintrusive pre-roll or post-roll video. Your viewers won’t mind, but your bottom line will thank you.

Unshackle your content

Stuck with your content behind a paywall? Using adverts instead will dramatically increasing the amount of physicians that can watch and interact with it, expanding your brand and reach.

Get ahead of the competition

Digital isn’t the future, it’s the present. Most educational content is still lagging behind the times - get ahead of your competition and get first mover advantage by embracing the lucrativity of advertising.

No more guesswork

Targeted, relevant ads

Our adverts are specifically targeted at the individual physician watching the video. Our Artificial Intelligence system develops a detailed profiles of each viewer and select adverts that are interested and relevant. Our videos are short (5-15s), medical, and relevant. They won’t put your visitors off your content and won’t tarnish your brand.

Don't sacrifice your brand

Total control

Our advertising platform is a little like a dating site. You tell us the types of adverts you want and our advertisers tell us the sort of site they want to advertise on. When there’s a match, the advert shows! Happy to advertise devices but not drugs - no problem. Want to show adverts in Europe but not the US - fine. Need the video to have adverts on one page but not when it’s on a different page - our pleasure! You have total control on a video-by-video basis. Your content deserves no less.

Clean up your site and make more moeny

Eradicate ugly banner ads

Video ads have an average click-through rate of 1.84%, the highest click-through rate of all digital ad formats. Remove your banner ads, declutter your site, and instead benefit from short, relevant, targeted adverts that show for a few seconds before your content starts. Simple, clean and professional.

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